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Your Dog In Their Element

We use integrative medicine (the perfect balance of Eastern and Western Medicines) to improve your dog’s health through nutrition.

Earth Dog: “The Athlete”

The Wood Dog is strong, confident, competitive and outgoing. Your Wood Dog will get through a lot just on their bravery. They will be the first to bark at the mailman and will protect you in any situation. They need those long walks. They often bark and can lunge at other dogs, all in the name of protecting you. They have a brave heart, and their confidence can sometimes get them into trouble. Your Wood Dog is incredibly determined. When they set their minds to something, like protecting the yard from that squirrel, nothing will get in their way.

Wood Dog: “The Athlete”

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Fire Dog: “The Athlete”

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Water Dog: “The Athlete”

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Metal Dog: “The Athlete”

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The first and only fresh food for Dog developed, operated & owned by Veterinarians

“I’m Susan Bohrer, a veterinarian and certified food therapist. I have been prescribing Food Therapy diets to patients in my hospital for years.

My partner, Dr. Berg, and I have seen more benefits from Fresh Food Therapy than any other single change we have made in our patients.

It was from the discovery of the improvement Fresh Food Therapy can make in dogs that drove us to partner with Laurie Hatfield, Restauranteur, to start Chi Dog.

What Our Customers Say

My name is Rachel Cassell, I’m a professional Pet Groomer in Oceanside, CA; I’ve been working with dogs for over 20 years grooming, training, veterinary assisting and with dog boarding. When it comes to my own pets, just like all fur parents, I only want the best quality food for them! I have put my trust in the dog food companies in hopes that my pets receive high grade quality dog food with great nutritional value. I’ve trusted they received…Read More

Rachel Cassell

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