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TRACCAT is an on demand service, for all your Towing, Roadside Assistance or Moving services across the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. A fleet of Vehicles are ready to serve you the way you deserve, no matter if you are an Enterprise Entity or an Individual, and no worries of the demand size, our service providers can meet your expectation and promise you the Best, Immediate and Reliable service you can ever find.

Usign our Mobile App or Website. Our services are just a click away; at any time, everywhere and at your own convenience. But best of all, haggle & hassle free.

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Tailored Logistic Services


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Contract logistics

Need custom logistic service? We got it covered. From overland, air, rail and sea transportation. Fast, safe and accurate shipment provided all over the globe.

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Overland, Ocean and Air Freight

Trucking company offers the best logistics services using all mens of supply chain. Use our overland, ocean and air freight solutions for shipment of your goods.

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Warehousing and Storage

Trucking offers intelligent warehouse solution. Lower your storage and good maintenance by using our modern and intelligent warehouses. You can see all locations on location page.

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Consulting Services

Don't know what mean of transportation would be right for you, or you need someone for full supply chain management? Please contact us. Our team of professionals will be happy to help.


We cover different industry sectors, from food and beverage, chemical, retail, durable goods and more. Check the full list.

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Chemical Goods

  • Food and Beverage

  • Retail Goods

  • Energy, Oil and Gas



our locations

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Trucking Co. covers over 150 locations all over the globe plus numerous logistic partner companies from different areas of supply chain.

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